Elegant And Beautiful Home Design Presented By The Water-Cooled House

Simple Circular Hole Created On Thick Ceiling Designed As Like Skylight For Water Cooled House Porch Area With Deck

Elegant And Beautiful Home Design Presented By The Water-Cooled House

The fact that there are so many elegant beautiful home creations that you can find out there is undeniable sign that now people love to have simple design rather than the complicated one. But, the simplicity of minimalist house design is, oftentimes, only occurs in the shape of the home structure and there is nothing simple in the architectural design of the house itself.

That is the phenomenon that you will able to see in The Water-Cooled House. This highly complicated home design is located in a nice location of Bukit Timah, one of the highest hills in Singapore, and this astonishing minimalist house design is developed by Wallflower Architecture + Design.

There is nothing simple in the minimalist home plans that use in this awesome contemporary home design. Well, there is nothing special in the shape of this house. This is just a two-story rectangular shaped home design, but when you see the air based house cooling system, you will able to understand that there is nothing simple in this incredible minimalist house design.

The second floor of this perfect minimalist house design is the core of the complexity of this house. Can you imagine having a swimming pool in the second floor of your house? Well, it is a little bit extraordinary, but it is the one that make this adorable minimalist house design seems so beautiful. The infinity swimming pool in the second floor is also has the roof function and that is why this house will feel cooler than when you use the conventional roof material.

This swimming pool is integrated with the whole second floor, so basically the second floor of this house is a big swimming pool. The design that presented by this gorgeous minimalist house design is something you will possibly unable to find in other design, this is one-of-a-kind design. Minimalist home design in Bukit Timah is surely something very special.

Refreshing Water Cooled House Rooftop Building Maximized For Swimming Pool And Swirly Stairs Surrounded By Glass

Nice Water Cooled House Powder Room Idea Located Near To The Indoor Pool Furnished With Freestanding Modern Sink Vanity

Modern Water Cooled House Interior Swimming Pool Idea Designed With Narrowed Entryway And Skylight As Lighting

Minimalist Water Cooled House Building Designed With White Paint Color To Hit The Grey Wall With Wooden Doors

Marvelous View Of Lush Vegetation Surrounding Water Cooled House Seen From Home Rooftop Swimming Pool

Inviting Circular Staircase Installed Inside Water Cooled House Building Displayed Through Framed Glass Window

Interesting Water Cooled House Rooftop Area Accessed By The Swirly Staircase Displaying In Ground Swimming Pool

Gorgeous Water Cooled House Idea With White Textured Wall And Unique Circular Hole Installed On Ceiling For Shady Look

Gorgeous Textured Swimming Pool Base Displayed Under Water Seen From Water Cooled House Transparent Hall

Fresh Water Cooled House Deck Constructed On The Rooftop Swimming Pool With Lush Vegetation Surrounding The Building

Fabulous Water Cooled House Facade View Displaying Lush Vegetation And Concrete Stone Fence Surrounding The House

Cozy Water Cooled House Powder Room Idea Constructed With Semi Outdoor Concept Displaying Frame Less Mirror

Cool Textured Exterior Wall Part Of Water Cooled House Mixed With Stone Cladded Wall Dominating The House Exterior

Chic Water Cooled House Transition Idea Integrating Framed Glass Windows And Doors To Brighten The Interior

Beautiful Home Water Cooled House Rooftop Hall Designed With Floor To Ceiling Transparency And Marble Floor

Amazing Water Cooled House Built In Cubicle Shape With Textured Wall Combined With Wood Abundance Covering Ceiling

Luxurious White Painted Swirly Staircase Idea Designed Inside Water Cooled House As Great Access With Wooden Steps

Image By : Wallflower Architecture + Design

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