Elegant Basement With Impressive Living Sofas And Nice Coffee Tables

Pretty Wooden Staircase Design Ideas In Basement Renovation Princeton Design Collaborative That Planter Add Fresh Atmosphere

Elegant Basement With Impressive Living Sofas And Nice Coffee Tables

Having a basement renovation ideas is great. However, you might have to take a look at several essentials in creating an airy basement. For the modeling, you can take a look at this following basement design presented by Princeton Design Collaborative.

The basement is aimed to complement the existing house located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Even though it only comprises of small space, this particular room could take up several functions, namely the dining, living, and bar.

Utilizing the basement shows a creative efforts in having additional room for your family members. However, it would be quite tricky on creating a beautiful basement. The design shall be able to accommodate the need of everyone with much air circulation.

Since window would be impossible, the designer placed air calculator on the ceiling as we can see from the basement renovation ideas and pictures. Every furniture comprising the room is also intentionally made with custom order. This is a great idea to suit the room arrangement.

The wall is covered entirely by wooden panel. Let’s take a look at the living room. The living has a rug with stripes pattern placed under the coffee table. The said table is, however, made out of wood with similar color to that of the wall. It is surrounded with comfortable sofa and lounge chairs. We can also find television as integrated within the wall cabinet. On top of it, there is a modern wine rack. Cladding’s are employed on the ceiling to provide freer circulation.

Neat View By Kitchen Room With Wooden Bar Stools At The Basement Renovation Princeton Design Collaborative

Charming Living Sofas With Nice Coffee Tables At The Basement Renovation Princeton Design Collaborative Decor

Impressive Living Room Showing Fur Rug Complete The Basement Renovation Princeton Design Collaborative Design Ideas

Breathtaking Hella Washtub Area In The Basement Renovation Princeton Design Collaborative That Full Up By The Furniture

Good Floor Plan Design Ideas In Basement Renovation Princeton Design Collaborative Showing Living Room And Dining Area

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Beauty Living Room Ideas With Wooden Table And Books Also At The Basement Renovation Princeton Design Collaborative

Awesome Living Room With House Planter Accompany The Sofa At The Basement Renovation Princeton Design Collaborative

On the corner. there is a beverage bar which has beautiful and luxurious accent. The bar is comprised of wooden furniture with marble countertops. It is then complemented with bar stools. The beverage rack is mounted on the wall, while the glass cabinet is hung on the ceiling. This part is also equipped with modern sink placed on top of the counters. In terms of lighting, this small basement renovation ideas and pictures use ceiling integrated lamps.

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