Dramatic Home Decoration With Black Painted Exterior Walls

Stunning White Open Plan Kitchen In Cerrada Reforma 108 With Dark Outdoor Wall Small Glass Window Dark Cantilever Ornamental Plants

Dramatic Home Decoration With Black Painted Exterior Walls

Some of you may be never thinking about the black painted exterior walls for your dramatic living room space. The DCPP Arquitectos instead makes this striking home design to balance the positive and negative space in the Cerrada Reforma 108, a dwelling place which is located in Mexico City, Mexico. Let’s we observe the entire house parts to deliver you some ideal picture for your future dream house.

The architect provides an open space at the back side of this fascinating contemporary house. The black paint for exterior walls is combined with the rustic look of wooden hall separator hence it appears an eye catching view. This back side lounge can be utilized as a space for drying your clothes.

Meanwhile, in the night you can hold a barbecue party with your family in private atmosphere there. The shady nuance is extended by the tall tree beside the house construction so it may heal the heat caused by the sunlight. The habitats are able to enjoy the landscape outside as well since the glass window and door allows you to see around border less.

The black painted wall applied for the house exterior design will look more fascinating if you arrange some ornamental plants that attach to the wall. The gloomy impression can be turned into a classy look by applying that wall decoration. To avoid the monotone impression you are better to seize the concrete floor for the outside terrace so the similar nuance can be created between the white painting for the wall inside and the house facade look.

Combine your dramatic black wall with bare concrete fence structure to accentuate the firm impression. As the complement, arrange a large wooden railing door in your garage space hence it will deliver a more natural view for the house building. The most important thing is you should seize the waterproof paint for exterior wall hence the tone of the wall will last longer.

Steep Wood Staircase Without Railing In Lavish Modern Style Cerrada Reforma 108 Clean White Painted Wall Warm Wood Floor

Splendid Modern Architectural Cerrada Reforma 108 With Beautiful Ornamental Plants At Small Courtyard Concrete Floor Dark Outdoor Wall

Spectacular Cerrada Reforma 108 House Sketch With Detail Living Space Design Plan And Detail Furniture Placement Plan

Spacious Cerrada Reforma 108 House Interior With Warm Wood Floor Glass Door White Painted Concrete Wall Dark Outdoor Wall

Scenic Ornamental Plants On Concrete Planter Small Glass Window Rustic Wood Wall Dark Cantilever Lavish Modern Cerrada Reforma 108

Inspirational Cerrada Reforma 108 House Interior Sketch With Stylish Living Space Design Plan Detail Furniture Placement Plan

Innovative Modern Architectural Cerrada Reforma 108 With Cool Dark Concrete Wall Small Square Glass Window Shady Greenery White Metallic Gate

Impressive Modern Architectural Cerrada Reforma 108 With Glossy Black Outdoor Concrete Wall Square Glass Window Ornamental Plants In Small Patio

Huge Dark Concrete Wall Ornamental Plants Concrete Floor Shiny Wall Light In Modern Cerrada Reforma 108 Sophisticated Kitchen Appliances

Glaring Modern Architectural Cerrada Reforma 108 With Rustic Wood Floor Dark Concrete Wall Ornamental Plants Wood Cabinet

Fantastic Cerrada Reforma 108 House Blueprint With Neat Modern Living Space Design Plan Based On Geometric Architecture

Excellent Cerrada Reforma 108 House Interior With Steel Wood Staircase Warm Wood Floor Large White Bookcase Glass Window

Compact Shaped Cerrada Reforma 108 With Glossy Dark Outdoor Wall Small Square Glass Window Rustic Wood Door With Metallic Knob Concrete Floor

Beautiful Minimalist Garden With Ornamental Plants In Concrete Planters Tall Dark Concrete Wall Rustic Wood Fence Small Cantilever

Awesome Cerrada Reforma 108 House Interior Sketch With Excellent Living Space Design And Tidy Furniture Placement Plan

Amazing Cerrada Reforma 108 House With Cool Dark Concrete Outdoor Wall Rustic Wood Wall Sleek Concrete Floor Square Glass Window Transparent Glass Door

Image By : DCPP Arquitectos

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