Curvy Futuristic Home Presenting Futuristic Gray And White Themes

Tough Concrete Wall Lacquered Wood Bathroom Vanity With White Sink Rectangular Mirror Glass Wall Stainless Steel Shower In Green Greenberg Green House

Curvy Futuristic Home Presenting Futuristic Gray And White Themes

The New Theme of Los Angeles firm presents futuristic contemporary home in gray and white theme design. This Californian residence of Green Greenberg Green House employs the curvy edges construction. An advanced modern facade design shows the artistic of future home face. Surrounding neat greenery gives a contrast color and creates a fresh atmosphere in the building environment. Clear and wide glass installation contributes to present the modern home design.

Gray and white theme of this three floor living cave serves a neutral ambiance within the interior design. The ground floor has light gray sleek of the marble floor provides a mild cool sense under the feet. It also has the appropriate color sustaining white wall and furniture set. Curvy idea in the indoor space makes a fashionable interior design fulfilling several corners of the rooms and supports the futuristic architecture concept of this living style.

Black framing enhances the architectural lining design. The glass wall frame and ceiling border lines get the sharp form contrasting to the ornamental structure accent in curve line. Monochromatic wall decoration has gradual colors of bright and dark neutral painting.

The white wall enlarges the room design while the gray diminishes the spacious space. Fashionable and stylish furniture designs enliven the futuristic theme in the interior design. Furthermore, the glass installation makes the open air setting bringing the air and light to sustain the airy room complexion.

Illumination setting helps to set up the future ambiance home. It is a splendid lighting design by combining some colors fluorescent and brilliant lamps setting. In the night the swimming pool has the water glowing in blue resembling the future world movie scene. The interior lighting creates a romantic view by the tender golden glow of the contemporary lamps models. Those settings reveal the home design concepts of this current design residence.

Sleek Marble Floor And Steep Staircase With Concrete Railing In Green Greenberg Green House Artistic Painting Minimalist White Door

Sensational Panorama Of Green Greenberg Green House Small Glass Swimming Pool Dark Marble Floor Sliding Glass Door Innovative Pendant Lights

Rectangular Swimming Pool With Shiny Pool Light Great Green Greenberg Green House With Open Plan Interior Shiny Pendant Light

Innovative Green Greenberg Green House With Artistic Outdoor Wall Ornamental Plants In Concrete Planter Long Concrete Driveway

Iconic Green Greenberg Green House Small Balcony With Tough Metallic Railing Open Plan Interior White Canopy Wide Grassy Courtyard

Gorgeous Green Greenberg Green House Futuristic Washing Stand Melded With Desk White Rug On Concrete Floor Unusual Glass Window Bright Skylight

Futuristic Pendant Light Above White Kitchen Bar Countertop Wood Kitchen Cabinet Cushy Padded Bar Stools In Green Greenberg Green House

Fantastic Green Greenberg Green House With Futuristic Railing On Mezzanine Sleek Marble Floor Rustic Wood Cabinet Artistic Painting

Curve Shaped Sofa And Geometric Coffee Table Sleek Concrete Floor Rectangular Wood Dining Table And Chairs Cozy Mini Bar

Cozy Bedroom With Sliding Glass Door White Bed Rustic Wood Floor Scenic Painting Small Balcony With Metallic Railing In Green Greenberg Green House

Beautiful Town Overlooking Seen From Top Of Modern Green Greenberg Green House With Wood Flat Roof

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