Creative And Concrete Contemporary Home With Beautiful Large Bookshelf

Warm Casa Reforma Family Room Idea Featured With Private Library As Center Wall Point With Large Desk And Bookshelf Furniture For Working

Creative And Concrete Contemporary Home With Beautiful Large Bookshelf

Well, in this article, you are going to read a topic about concrete contemporary home. This one is about a project of studio Central De Arquitectra. The name of the project is Casa Reforma. There will be some pictures of this creative glass home with beautiful large bookshelf project.

The very first picture here shows you about the appearance of the building from upfront. Here you can see that the building shape looks so glorious. Here you can see the shape of the building is nicely complicated. There are some beautiful concrete panels available. You see there are some elegant glass windows available as well. There is a grassy field with amusing appearance. There are plants arranged well either. This place looks so amusing with every detail seen here. See also 2 story modern home.

In the second picture, you shall see another are that can be seen here. Here is about a quite appealing area with amusing floor design in the patio. The third one is about the pool in this house. You shall see there are loungers available. Well, here you shall find another part of the house from the fourth image here. It seems that there is a pound available. Here you shall see corals applied on an area with nice set up.

In the fifth image, here you can find a spot with glass panels with amusing appearance of a large living room. Well, here you can see wooden floor idea applied here. There are some wooden chairs available from this angle. This place seems having some different rooms available.

In the last picture, you can find an area where the wooden chairs are available. There is a wooden table as well. The ceiling has nice design with sun lights seen here. Here you can also see a place like a pond with some plants existing on the water. Find 2 story modern home design as well.

Spacious Casa Reforma TV Room Idea With Red Velvet Chaise A Narrow Table Set And Long TV Stand With Flat TV

Simple Casa Reforma Kitchen Idea Integrating Long Island With Maroon Stools For Seating Brightened By Lamps

Relaxing Casa Reforma Backyard Deck Spot Enhanced With Sunbathing Lounges And Gathering Space With Bench

Refreshing Casa Reforma Outdoor Hardscape Displaying Wooden Deck Flooring And Large Shallow Pond With Pebbles

Open Casa Reforma Living Room Interior Enhanced With Grey Chaise TV Stand Overlooking Space With Hammock

Modern Transparency Installed To Block Casa Reforma Wall While Connecting Interior And Outdoor Space With Pond

Luxurious Casa Reforma TV Room For Home Cinema Enhanced With Grey Velvet Sofa Ottoman With Trays And Rug

Large Casa Reforma Master Bathroom Interior Maximized With Sleek Wooden Floor Gravels And Stone Tiled Wall

Inviting Casa Reforma Inground Swimming Pool Idea Constructed With Long Steps And Large Lounge For Sun Bathing

Interesting Casa Reforma Architecture Idea Displaying Nice Two Floor Building With Transparent Door And Lawn

Fabulous Casa Reforma Exterior Hardscape Idea Displaying Modern Home Interior To Contrast Natural Home Exterior

Elegant Casa Reforma Interior Divided By No Partition Displaying Dining And Seating Space With Modern Furnishing

Cozy Casa Reforma Cinema Maximized With Grey Sectional Sofa Patented With Black Open Shelves For Storage

Comfortable Casa Reforma Family Room Idea Maximized With Ivory And Brown Velvet Chaise Sofa And Ottoman

Cheerful Casa Reforma Hardscape Idea Decorated With Lush Vegetation Gravels Ponds And Vertical Garden Idea

Beautiful Casa Reforma Exterior Space For Dining And Gathering Refreshed By Pond With Plantation And Pebbles

Amazing Casa Reforma Family Room Completed With Irregular Glass Table Red Sofa And White Chairs On Rug

Image By : Central De Arquitectura

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