Marvelous Contemporary Wooden House With Fancy Terrace With Railings

Trendy Sectional Sofa Rustic Wood Coffee Table Long Rectangular Dining Table With Padded Chairs Floating TV Stand

Marvelous Contemporary Wooden House With Fancy Terrace With Railings

This fancy wooden house looks marvelous both from the outside and the inside. The cozy wooden material makes this house seems so luxurious and exotic. The stunning design makes you and your family wants to stay in this place longer. Read the following article to find many interesting facts about this marvelous house design.

This residence has fancy wooden terrace with chic wooden railing. Don’t you think that this is the best place for your tea time in the afternoon? The interior design has modern theme. It is dominated by white color. Huge glass window is exist in the corner of the room.

This residence also has black wooden floor which is featured by white wall and white ceiling. You can see grey sofa corner which is set in front of the white TV cabinet. You can find wooden coffee table across the TV cabinet. What a perfect wooden house project for cozy living space!

On the left side of the living space you can discover chic red kitchen island. This chic kitchen island has silver surface and looks so marvelous. The elegant theme also enters this house by the ceiling lamps. Do you want to know how the ceiling lamps can creates elegant theme? Put ceiling lamps with have yellow lights. Voila look how perfect your interior architecture. The yellow light is also can bring warm atmosphere through this house.

Behind the living room is situated dining space. It has silver rectangle table which is surrounded by four silver chairs. Simple white racks are stick on the white wall along the dining space. Those racks can contain all of your book collections. Not only beautify your room but also those racks can useful for you. How do you think about this house? Do you love this small wooden house project for your future house?

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