Spacious Contemporary Three Story House With Elegant Panorama View

Tight Narrowed Warringah Road House Entryway Interior Displaying Brown Carpet White Painted Wall And Skylight

Spacious Contemporary Three Story House With Elegant Panorama View

One of the rarely house designs that used for the houses nowadays is contemporary three story house. Some of the people are enjoy living in the spacious house and less stories. So, three stories are sounding much too many. The Warringah House in Sydney, Austria, is the exceptional from that kind of issue. The designers from Corben Architects are showing a stunning three story house with nice panorama view.

That picture is the picture from the front side of the house. We can see the three story house designs are using waterfront concept and all-windows concept. The pool that is welcoming guests once they come in to the front yard is the waterfront concept.

There is a wooden pathway that leading us to the house’s entrance. You can see all furniture inside the house thanks to the windows that become like walls in the house. This house was using timber battened garage and metal framed entry gate. So, even though this house is using transparent windows in all the places, this house can keep its privacy.

This house is spacious house. In the first floor, you can find the living room, kitchen, bedroom and garage even hall. In the second floor, you have more privacy with just bedrooms and bathrooms; meanwhile, the third floor is the rooftop area.

This house is using woods as the main materials. The stones were also used to add some nature atmosphere inside the house. The furniture is not in one color concept. There are so many colors inside the house such as orange, red, and brown.

The main design for this house is contemporary design. You will see less decoration for this kind of house, but great view from the environment. The garden in the back yard and side yard are full with greenery. This three story house plans for nature environment is a great choice.

Spacious Warringah Road House Interior And Exterior Idea Separated By Minimalist Glass Divider To Display Flooring Types

Small Warringah Road House Bathroom Interior Featured With Patented Oval Bathtub Coupled With Double Vanity

Simple Warringah Road House Entrance Displaying Black Painted Wooden Door Panels Mixed With Steel Handles

Open Warringah Road House Interior Displaying Living Dining And Cooking Room Designed In Open Plan Concept

Modern Warringah Road House Indoor Staircase Displaying Grey Concrete Steps And Black Balustrade With Pendant

Minimalist Warringah Road House Front Yard Area Showing Eye Catching Wooden Garage Door And Hardscape

Memorable Scenery Of Water And Lush Vegetation Enjoyed From Warringah Road House Upper Floor Balcony Deck

Luxurious White Painted Warringah Road House Parallel Kitchen Idea Involving Wooden Island And Inset Cabinetry

Interesting Wooden Panels Covering Open Plan Warringah Road House Unitary Room Connected With Deck And Balcony

Incredible View Of Water Site And City Enjoyed From Open Plan Warringah Road House Dining And Living Room

Gorgeous Two Floor Warringah Road House Involving Hidden Basement For Storage And Featured With Swimming Pool

Eye Catching Warringah Road House Master Bathroom Furnished With Double Vanity Completed With Frame Less Mirror

Exclusive Warringah Road House Living Room Design Integrating Brown Sofa Chairs And Two White Chairs For Seating

Elegant Warringah Road House Master Bedroom Interior Furnished With Queen Bed And Private Seating Space

Bright Warringah Road House Living Room Interior Furnished With Black Bench And Light Cream Sofa With Pillows

Awesome Two Story Warringah Road House Building Designed With Wood Abundance And Stone Cladding On Wall

Amazing Warringah Road House Master Bedroom Interior Illuminated By Bright Recessed Lamps And Sconces

Image By : Corben Architects

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