Contemporary Three-Level Home With Stylish And Dramatic Grey Furniture

Stunning Shift Top House Plans From North Elevation With Many Door On The Front Yard Completed With Simple Garage

Contemporary Three-Level Home With Stylish And Dramatic Grey Furniture

Shift Top House is a spacious private residence located in Denver, Colorado, USA. The contemporary three-level home was designed by Meridian 105 Architecture. Using the stylish grey furniture inside the beautiful modern house can be so appealing. The dramatic grey color is possible to be applied in many of house’s rooms. This is a three story house with contemporary decoration concept. Let’s have a tour to this amazing house!

Before entering this house with grey walls furniture, we will be welcomed by wooden fence in dark brown color. At the center of this fence that parallel to the entrance door, there is gate that is made from the iron and steel. This front door is created from caramel brown color.

Walls are mostly made from concrete but some wall is also built using the red brick as this front wall. If we see higher, the second floor outer wall is designed in grey colors. At the top of the house, there is wooden house layer.

As we walk inside the house, we will see kitchen in grey and metallic decorations. The kitchen bar is designed in white color and the stools are in brown. Refrigerator and some cabinets are in grey too. At the other side of the house, there is dining table with some chairs in wooden materials. Hanging lamps make the room looks stylish. Flooring is used the dark brown parquet materials.

The living room is so cozy and comfortable to sit in. Sofa with L-shape in grey color decorates the room. White carpet is layered the floor under the sofa. Red painting makes the color of this living room balance.

High ceiling is also constructed inside this house. Staircase with steel railing is built and completed with the dark wooden pathways. This house also has terrace with modern fireplace. The architect applies the grey walls brown furniture in this house in elegant style.

Simple Layout For House Covered With Rear Patio On Roof In Minimalist Concept For Shift Top House Plans

Outstanding Section Shift Top House Included With Kitchen Room Under Bedroom Combined Hall And Office In The Top

Mesmerizing East Elevation In Shift Top House With Decorative Roof And Striped Rear Deck Completed Many Windows

Marvelous Deck Plan On Level 3 Shift Top House With Rear Deck Completed With Mensch Roof And Front Deck

Incredible White Fireplace On Wooden Striped Center Wall With Shift Top House Idea Completed Gray Sofa

Fascinating Shift Top House With White Wooden Railing And Dark Wooden Ladder Completed White Wooden Glass Windows

Fantastic Wooden Striped Shift Top House Installed With Decorative Dining Table Sets And Gray Fireplace On Wooden Striped Center Wall

Cool Level 2 Plan In Shift Top House With Master Bedroom And Children's Bedroom Near With Laundry And Guest Room Closed With Stairs

Captivating Dark Wooden Constructed Ladder With Gray Wooden Railing On White Shift Top House Beautified Chinese Wall Art

Beautiful View In Wooden Striped Shift Top House In White Gray Painting Completed With Gray Iron Fence

Appealing Shift Top House With Wooden Striped Roof In Minimalist House Involved White Brown Bricks Wall

Amusing Decorative Shift Top House With Gold Wooden Roof In White Gray Painting Furnished With Dark Wooden Fence

Amazing White Square Shaped Pendant Lamp Above Red Wooden Dining Room With Red Blossom Carpet From Shift Top House Idea

Adorable White Gray Cabinets In The Kitchen With White Island And Dark Stools Installed In Simple Shift Top House

Image By : Meridian 105 Architecture

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