Exquisite Contemporary Summer House In Spectacular White Exterior

Wonderful Wave Home Exterior Entryway With Glass Railing To Lead Us Nearly To The Beach In Single Step From The House

Exquisite Contemporary Summer House In Spectacular White Exterior

Wave House is a contemporary summer home was designed by the Turkish firm Gunes Peksen. If seen, this exquisite house has a spectacular exterior style. This house has a stylish, modern exterior design with stunning white shades.

There are exterior and interior photos are amazing from Wave House. This house which has a white exterior design with stylish decor in shades of white and some sloping areas. Building this house looks like a modular home with a hole in the ground on the exterior side. There is a white concrete sidewalk that serves to help you to achieve this house.

There is a spacious garden with some palm trees and grass that make this house into a beautiful exterior with a natural feel. Designers Turkey Gunes Peksen also complements the garden using pebbles for decoration and white concrete patio in the open space.

The building structure of the wave house is also equipped with multiple uses in a glass facade designed by white frames. This house also has sliding glass road that connects every room. The interior of the house has a spacious size, it is seen in the presence of a lot of modern furniture. There is a hollow system of the existing wall on the other side the room in this house wave.

Wave house is complemented by the use of stairs with a very attractive appearance with a glossy style. Cream soft carpet is one of the furniture which can be well adapted to the design to the wall. Wave house also has a blue and pink sofa placed in the luxury living room combined with patterned cushions and chairs.

Spacious Wave House Yard Designed In Urban Style With Large Green Lawn And Bright White Concrete Pathway

Simple Look Of Wave House Courtyard Area With White Floor And Wall To Brighten The Small Room Space As Well

Refreshing Wave House Main Entrance Area With Floating Staircase To Welcome Everyone For Coming Into The House

Modern Pink Upholstered Sofa Design With Black And White Cushions To Beautify Simple Wave House Living Room

Minimalist White Wave House Balcony Or Facade Porch Area Incorporating Clear Glass Railing To Enhance The Space

Luxurious Wave House Entrance Way Located Under The Floating Home Building Featured With Glossy Dark Floor

Irregular Wave House Design With Odd Detail Applied On The Back Part With Gorgeous Green Lawn And Driving Way

Inspiring White Wave Residence Designed To Respect The Beauty Of Beach With Many Palm Trees Growing Around It

Incredible Floating Building Concept Of Wave Residence With Unique Frame Created On Right Side Of The House Wall

Gorgeous White Wave House Designed With Intricate Home Architecture Idea Integrating Transparency Over The Facade

Fabulous Wave Residence Courtyard Area Design With Open Ceiling And Transparent Indoor Walls To Enlighten The Room

Cool And Airy White Wave House Design With Metallic Railing Installed Along The Outdoor Building To The Beach

Colorful Wave House Living Room Interior View Furnished With Gray And Pink Sofa Located Closely To The Facade

Clever Nature Meeting Concept Installed On Wave Home Building Represented By Transparency On Both Facade And Back Part

Clean And Popular White Wave Residence Constructed For Overlooking On Beach View Seen From Inside And Outside

They also provide a nice ornament for beautiful interior design in house wave is like using rattan with some grass as accessories. Now, if you are interested to apply the inspiration modern summer house with white exterior and stunning architectural decoration of the wave house to your house?

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