Unique Contemporary Rustic Home With Minimalist Design Layout

Great View By Desert House That White And Brown Decoration And The Planters Giving Fresh Atmosphere In The Area

Unique Contemporary Rustic Home With Minimalist Design Layout

On the arid hilly land of Santa Fe in New Mexico, USA, Lake|Flato Architects presents a contemporary architecture of rustic home in minimalist design layout. From the distance, the brown building looks so pretty among the brushwood growth of the sloppy ground. Tender golden glow of the lighting enhances the picturesque appearance of the mainly wooden wall building. The illumination looks like firefly fluorescent light in the night.

Unique entrance door welcomes with the wide glass in wooden frame for the wing. It resembles the manual revolving door but only has single door wing. Flat and large size of the rectangular tiles is suitable for this hill soil type. The flooring also enhances the modest style of the rustic home ideas by giving the dim gray outdoor floor color. Dim theme of the open air flooring makes the contrast with the dark brown of the vertical stripy wall.

It is a magnificent spacious space to get inside this modern home. The rectangular construction gives this house a long room in the interior. Glass wall installation supports the room to be more airy and lets the outside scene enlivening the elegance of interior design. Simple and stylish model of the furniture set and some artistic decoration also contribute in filling each room with functional properties. Right under the roof and wall gap, small ventilation stretches along the building sustaining atmosphere inside.

The sitting room and dining space are under the same ceiling. By the glass wall, the fashionable sofa set gets the nice space to enjoy the nature scene through the hyaline glass. Humble style of the dining furniture set has the space next to the glassy slot of the concrete wall. it helps the eating space to have the landscape of the hill as the companion while having the meal time. Some spot of this house have the art collections as the rustic home decorating ideas which arising the arty interior design.

Good View From Far Away In Desert House That Planters And Trees Surrounding The Building And Make Fresh The Area

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Awesome Building Design Ideas In The Desert House Showing Interior Design With Wooden Table And Chairs Decoration

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