Unusual Contemporary Rural House With Rough Stone Wall Structure

Unique Traditional Style Chamoson House Exterior Design With Rough Stone Outdoor Wall Plan And Geometric Shaped Niches

Unusual Contemporary Rural House With Rough Stone Wall Structure

It is a renovation of an ancient contemporary rural house with the rough stone wall exposing the unusual exterior structure view. The construction preserves the terrain contour of a sloppy land. Rock material seems to be a perfect structure for adjusting the building with the surrounding.

The rocky sierra of Chamoson mountainous range provides a beautiful natural scene and this home reflects the adjustment of the construction surface. Additional structure employs concrete building up the basement for garage parking area.

Glass wall installation restores the outdated windows style. It gives a new look for the facade and upgrades the interior design. Some part of the house also let concrete patching upon the rough stone wall texture but still holding the original design. Reviewing the interior design, collaboration of new and old wall styles sustain the contemporary concept indoor space setting. The even texture of concrete wall strikes the rugged archaic wall structure.

Contemporary and artistic decorations help in coloring the dim scene of the elegant rock and concrete house. Fashionable and stylish furniture designs enliven the modern interior ideas. In the sitting room, recent model sofa conveys a delicate atmosphere within the harsh wall.

It is so comfy to loaf over the seat with a TV and natural view though the window. The clear glass windows let the sunlight having the access to reach this inner space and invite any inspiration to create a great work of fine art.

The loft acts as the sleeping space. Glass panel on the roof allows the sunlight coming through the small room. It also enlarges the view and lightens the ambiance of concrete wall suppression. All the rooms are provided by modern furniture design sets. This home looks so gorgeous in the night, for the tender golden illumination is like to free from modern cave intruding the rock wall texture of the exterior design.

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Image By : Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte

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