Contemporary Lake House Integrates With Beautiful Natural Landscape

Unique Fireplace Details In The Lake House Living Room With Stone Wall And The Hardwood Floor

Contemporary Lake House Integrates With Beautiful Natural Landscape

The McClellan Architects has Lake House design with picturesque natural landscape of a maze of greenery and lake. The concept of this wonderful contemporary house is actually accentuated to the connection to nature. The natural concept can be clearly seen from the materials used to construct the house. The architects used the element from nature such as wood, bricks, stones and glass. The architects have good house design idea to bring the inside gorgeous house out rather than bringing the outside in.

Does this lake house interior design meet to the natural concept of the house? The answer must be yes. The natural concept of the house is really visible from the choice of furniture. It looks alight and lovely scattered by the natural elements such as cladding stones and wood.

The choice of this kind of element is the best choice since besides it can create cushioned atmosphere to the house, it is also healthy. The use of natural elements is also beneficial to decrease the energy consumption. How come?

Well, the energy consumption will increase in connection with the use of electrical devices like artificial lamps and air conditioner that is over the limit. The lake house designed by McClellan Architects used natural materials that can support the natural concept.

The use of hardwood floor will cozy your feet when they step on it so you can decrease the use of room cooler. The use of many large glass windows around the house will allow the natural day light coming into the house so you do not need to use many artificial lights in your house.

The two storey house has really attractive exterior design. It looks so dashing with steel frames combined with wooden frames, decorated by the stones and bricks materials and large glass windows that create elegant look to the house. This contemporary house stands on green field and it is beautified by green courtyard which is located above the water. Lake House 2 is modern lake house design which is very inspiring for anyone who wants to live close to nature.

Stunning Outdoor Dining Room And Sitting Space Outside The Lake House With The Grey Stone Floor

Simple Dining Room Of Lake House With Wooden Table And Brown Chairs Near The Living Room

Sensational Steel Structure Inside The Lake House With Cozy Living Room And Artistic Ornaments Under Wooden Ceiling

Relaxing Environment Outside The Lake House With Rounded Stone Fire Pit And Wooden Chairs Near Grey Bench

Natural Beautiful View Of The Green Vegetation With Long Deck And Wide Pond Outside The Lake House

Long Concrete Terrace Outside The Lake House With Wooden Chairs And Rounded Side Table Under Wooden Pergola

Interesting Rounded Stone Fire Pit In The Lake House Beautiful Patio With Wooden Chairs And Grey Floor

Gorgeous Living Room In Lake House With Brown Sofas And Wooden Table Facing The Wide Fireplace

Fascinating View Of The Lake House Kitchen And Outdoor With Long Wooden Island And Wide Glass Walls

Fantastic Dining Room In Lake House At Evening With Long Wooden Table And Cozy Chairs Under Wooden Ceiling

Comfortable Bedroom In The Lake House With Brown Bed And White Quilt Near Some Brown Sofas

Chic Interior Of The Lake House Kitchen With Brown Stools And Wooden Island Near Wooden Cabinets

Beautiful Details In The Lake House Living Room With Wide Fireplace And Hidden TV Shelf Near Stone Wall

Awesome Outdoor Kitchen Of The Lake House With Barbecue Counter And Outdoor Dining Room Beside It

Artistic Ornaments In The Lake House Office Space With Wooden Deck And Brown Chairs Facing Glass Walls

Amazing Roof View Of The Lake House With Wooden Chairs And Brown Stone Floor Facing Panoramic Blue Water

Image By : McClellan Architects

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