Contemporary Australian Home With Unique Cantilever Roofing And Buildings

White House Interior Of Flo House Building Construction Seen In Small Dining Space With Unique Pendant Lamps

Contemporary Australian Home With Unique Cantilever Roofing And Buildings

At this time, you are about to read a passage talking about unique cantilever roofing applied in a stunning modern home in Australia. It is about a creation of Irelade Pedersen Hook Architects. There will be some other facts of the house apart from the roofing design. You can observe some pictures about this residence that are available in this article. You should also read the descriptions as well.

Well, now you are seeing the first picture that is about the house’s facade seen from here. The house’s roof looks fascinating with distinct angles applied like zigzag but irregular. You see the home exterior applies white color schemes. There are glass windows and also glass door as well. There is a large rustic patio with nice garden as well.

You can see grassy area and an area with corals. In the next picture, it is about another house’s part with a grassy yard. You see there are glass panels and also glass doors available with wooden floor on the terrace. The roof here looks simply captivating. See also unique roofing ideas.

From the third image here, you can see the house’s appearance seen from long distance. Here you can see the uniqueness of the house; that is the roof design. Well, you know there is some greenery seen from here. You see, the fourth image is about a beautiful bedroom of the house. Look at the flooring design of the room. It is nice with glossy surface. There is a thick wooden wall behind the bed’s headboard. The ceiling looks representing the unique cantilever roof of the beautiful home decorations.

Well, in the fifth image, here you can see the house is seen from farther distance. It was captured in the twilight. You see the house looks interesting with the lamps turned on. Next, it is about the last picture. Here you are facing an open room with a lounge and also the dining room sets. There are two fabulous pendants lamp available. Look at the ceiling that represents the roof design. Find more other things in unique roofing concepts as well later on.

Varnished Wooden Material Presenting Brown Color Scheme Used In Laminate Wood Floors Of Bedroom In Flo House Building

Unique Ceiling In White Color Scheme Combined With Laminate Floors Of Neat Kitchen In Flo House Building

Stunning Construction Of Flo House Building Designed In Contemporary House Design And Decorated With Green Plants

Strong Metal Material Framing Transparent Glass Walls Of Flo House Building Presenting Enlightened House Interior In Cream Color Scheme

Strong Construction Of Flo House Building By Concrete Wall Concept Sustained By Metal Poles On Roof Corners

Strong Concrete Wall Fences Surrounding Construction Of Flo House Building Accompanied With Sandy Nearby Beach Area

Sparkling House Entry Enlightened By Warm Lights To Attract People In Visiting Flo House Building Construction

Modern Kitchen Of Flo House Building Furnished With White Kitchen Furniture And Designed In Minimalist Kitchen Design

Lovely Front Yard With Green Grasses And Tall Trees Decorated With White Pebbles Of Flo House Building

Limited Space With Laminate Wood Floors Of Small Corridor Clamped By White Painted Concrete Walls Of Flo House Building

Fascinating Look Of Lovely Flo House Building With Amazing Exterior Seen From Green Front Yard With Grayish Pebbles

Cozy Porch With Laminate Wood Floors Facing Green Grass And Tall Trees In Front Yard Of Flo House Building

Concrete Floor Of Gateway To Reach Car Garage With White Garage Door In Backyard Of Flo House Building

Blue Sky As Natural Roof White Laying On Sandy Nearby Beach Of Flo House Building Seen During Night Time

Amazing Picnic Moment To Have On Sandy Beach With Green Plants Close To Flo House Building With Sparkling Lighting Concept

Amazing Flo House Building Construction Close To Gray Sand Of Nearby Beach With Green Plants And Pebbles

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