Comfortable And Elegant House In Brown And White Color Schemes

Simple Floor Plan Design Ideas In The Outeiro House Showing Twister Staircase Design Ideas Gave Information About The House

Comfortable And Elegant House In Brown And White Color Schemes

The old home design can be changed to be elegant house remodeling. Remodeling house is a solution for obtaining comfortable living. The old design of the home can be changed into new modern home design. The old design does not totally changed, but most of part in the home is changed into elegant modern home design.

An amazing redesign home is designed by EZZO. It has designed Outiero House in Porto, Portugal. From the outside, remodeling home is not dominant. This minimalist home redesign in the facade is aimed for keeping with the neighbor design.

The house remodeling ideas has impressive design. The facade of the home is kept in old home design. Decorating by bare grey color, it makes the home look elegant and luxury. Some square windows are embedded in the faced. The windows without glass make it look be designed in ancient style. When we enter inside the home is look elegant and impressive.

The home interior design is decorated by bright color. The bright color is used for wall decoration. Large window is applied in the home interior design. These large windows let the sunlight enter inside the home interior. The large windows are also useful for the owner enjoy the outside panorama.

The architect also creates the kitchen interior design by modern design. The bright wall and the wooden floor look impressive. The ceiling is also made from wooden material. The artistic lamp is hanging above the dining table. This lamp looks so unique with covered by unique shape.

This cover lamp pattern looks like a spider web. The architect also uses impressive design in the stairs. The stairs is connected the lower level and the upper level. There are two designs of stairs in this home. They are wooden stair and spiral cement stair. They are look unique and elegant.

The architect knows that remodeling the house can make the house more beautiful and enjoyable. It makes the redesign home become comfortable and enjoyable place. Remodeling old house ideas are good decision for increasing the comfortable of the home.

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