Classic And Contemporary Country House Blending Light Wood And Glass Elements

Terrific White Dark Brown In Cabane Residence Design Beautified Wooden Glasses Windows With Dark Lamp Inside It

Classic And Contemporary Country House Blending Light Wood And Glass Elements

It doesn’t always mean that a country house comes in the form of an old cabin that is surrounded by the woods. This residence which is located in Quebec, Canada can be a good example of great country residence. Although it is still found among a dense woods but this is definitely not that kind of old cabin. This is a renovated house which has contemporary design. That design creates a more sophisticated house shape that boldly stands out from its surrounding.

Some country house plans may incorporate wooden finishes on its exterior design to create a more modest appearance of a house that is situated in the woods. However that is not an exact choice used by the designers of this house.

The home uses the shape generated from a Lego house created by the owner of the house. That is a kind of ridiculous demand but the designers truly make it come true in this beautiful house with brighter interior in openness toward its surrounding. Those more open interior are packed in a house with brown wooden exterior finishes.

The house design that employs glass element on its walls creates an interior design which can communicate with the outer view of the house. The glass walls also make the room inside it brighter with more sun light that can be harnessed. The sunlight inundated the room and enhances the texture of wood element used inside it. The wood comes as the flooring parquet, steps materials, furniture materials, and also bookshelf material.

The interior design really exposed the light wooden color and texture along with the plain white walls to create a bright look but with a warming atmosphere. That ambience can give you comfortable shelter to rest and to enjoy the outside view through the glass walls and a balcony with glazed railing.

The balcony also creates a porch in the first story. This house can be a great inspiration in making country house plans with porches that also provide the interior a chance to communicate with the surroundings.

Stunning Cabane Residence Design Installed With White Painted Wall And Tiled Roof Surrounded Green Turfs And Many Plants

Mesmerizing Bathroom Without Bath Up In Cabane Residence Design Furnished With White Iron Faucet And Tiled Patterned Wall

Marvelous White Wooden Striped Roof In The Cabane Residence Design Completed With Dark Wooden Glass Windows In The Top

Interesting Wooden Constructed Chair In Cabane Residence Design Completed With Dark Wood Railing For The Stairs

Inspiring Transparent Single Chair With Assorted Color For Wooden Dining Desk In The Cabane Residence Design

Exciting White Shaped Pendant Lamp In White Painted Wall In Wooden Striped Floor In The Cabane Residence Design

Excellent Views In The Night Of Cabane Residence Design With Snow Atmosphere And Christmas Trees Near The House

Charming Wooden Island And Counter Top Completed With Iron Faucet And Wooden Open Cabinets For Kitchen Of The Cabane Residence Design

Captivating Wooden Striped Floor In Cabane Residence Design For Bedroom With Wooden Glasses Windows In White Painting

Awesome Cabane Residence Design Beautified With Snow Around The House And Mandy Christmas Tree Surround It

Attractive Cabane Residence Design Floor Plans From South Elevation And East Elevation Displaying The Cover Of The House

Appealing White Painted Wall Of The Cabane Residence Design With Wooden Glass Windows And White Striped Roof

Amusing Views From The Top Of Cabane Residence Design Involved Big Glasses Windows In White Brown Painting

Amazing Cabane Residence Design Beautified With Many Wooden Glasses Windows And Christmas Trees Surrounding The House

Image By : Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

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