Chic Modern Belgian House With Elegant Interior Designs

Wide Wooden Terrace In The House VMVK Upper Space In The House Upper Space Inside It

Chic Modern Belgian House With Elegant Interior Designs

A famous firm expert in Belgian interior design named dmvA has designed a contemporary Belgian house which is then called as House VMVK. Located in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium with beautiful natural environment surrounding it, this modern house looks so amazing with white painted wall and some glass windows and doors.

From the gateway of this house, we will find a door as the main entrance for reaching the inside part of this house. A white stair is seen by this entrance door made of glass. The gate of this house is made of metal painted with glossy black paint. The black front gate of this white house is dominated by white concrete yard. The gate is contrasting with the white house and the white concrete front yard.

From the front yard, we can directly access the back yard of this fabulous house by stepping on the square step stones on the green grass. The back yard of this house is so beautiful. We can see the modern Belgian interior design of this lovely house through a large glass window. When the curtains of this large window are revealed, we can see a nice library with a large wooden table and some white chairs surrounding it. The house exterior of this fascinating house is so wonderful.

By stepping on the white stairs that we can see through the glass door as the main entrance of this house, we can reach the next level of this house. This level has chic and simple interior design. Bright white wall with parquet as the floor are so beautiful for having lighting concept from the circle shaped built in lamps on the ceiling.

Unusual Shape Of The House VMVK Exterior With Wide Glass Walls And White Wall Near Green Trees

Unique Open Dining Space In The House VMVK Back Yard With Green Grass And High Green Trees

Tidy White Bookshelves In The House VMVK With Wide Wooden Table And White Chairs Under White Ceiling

Simple Staircase With White Footings Near The White Wall Under White Ceiling In The House VMVK

Modern Bathroom With White Sinks And White Vanity Near The Glass Shower Space In House VMVK

Minimalist Facade View Of The House VMVK With White Wall And Wide Glass Walls Near Black Gate

Long White Kitchen Counter In The House VMVK With White Stools And White Cabinets On Wooden Floor

Interesting Terrace Outside The House VMVK With Wooden Floor And High Faucet Near The Glass Walls

Innovative View Of The House VMVK Dining Room With White Chairs And White Table Near The White Kitchen

Gorgeous Exterior View Of The House VMVK With White Wall And Unique Architecture Near Grass Yard

Fantastic House VMVK Interior Design Plan With Long Kitchen And Comfortable Dining Room Near Sitting Space

Fabulous Elevation View Of The House VMVK With Wide Glass Walls And White Wall Near White Garage Door

Cozy Sitting Space In The House VMVK With Grey Chaise And White Table Near The Open Sitting Space

Contemporary White Swirly Staircase Inside The House VMVK With White Footings And White Handrail On Wooden Floor

Comfortable Upper Level Inside The House VMVK With White Swirly Staircase And Modern Fireplace Near It

Brilliant Design Plan For The House VMVK With Some Bedrooms And The Comfortable Bathroom Near Wide Terrace

Awesome View Of The House VMVK With White Wall Near The Green Grass Space And Lush Green Trees

Attractive Back Space Of The House VMVK With White Wall And Wide Glass Walls Near Green Grass Yard

Appealing Dining Room In House VMVK With White Chairs And White Table Near White Swirly Staircase

An opened living room with dining space and kitchenette is available in this level. A set of grey sectional sofas with a television lie next to a large glass window. Nest to them, a set of glossy white dining table and chairs with a bouquet of pink flowers on a glass vase lies next to the large window. We also can find a kitchenette with modern kitchen interior design. This stunning house has been applied certain Belgian style interior design which make people admire.

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