Chic Home Decorating With Stylish Green Color Combinations

Wonderful Traditional Exterior Idea Using What Color Matches With Green Installed With Green Turfs Completed Trees And Flower On It

Chic Home Decorating With Stylish Green Color Combinations

Home needs color combination to make it look interesting, and some people get trouble about what color matches with green for their home. Some references give the example about home painting where the green combination in it is. It happens like Thegibeaus painting which peach and white color become the green color combination. By this color combination, the home looks comfortable and nice living. For the decoration, this house also has some hanging picture to complete the house color.

Those green color combinations are used in the living room where many people stay together in this room. Besides the living room, the other room also can be matched with green color, like kids’ bedroom. This bedroom has color combinations green for the cupboard and bed decoration.

This room has many color combination for the room decoration. The bed combines the green with dark blue color that give calm color. For the wall has the orange color. This colorful room has enjoyable room for kids and supports them in doing many activities. As we know that kids love colorful thing.

The other decoration, this room has white rack where kid can save their toys and also the hanging lamp that help the kids in reading the book before their sleeping. This room also has the study table for kids. This table has color combination between green and blue that makes it simple.

The next room that can be matched with green color is bathroom. This bathroom has the simple design with the large land. This bathroom combines the green with some white color for the toilet. To make it looks nature style, the planner gives the green wall and small yellow mat in the bathroom.

About bathroom decoration, the architect gives the mirror above the sink. This mirror position will help people in washing their hand while looking their face in the mirror. In sum, these color combinations yellow will give cheerful character and nice looking for the room.

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