Bright Modern Interiors With Vibrant Pops Of Colors For Hotels

Sleek View By Bedroom Area With White Pillows And Bed Cover In Hotel Portago Urban That Lamps Completed The Design

Bright Modern Interiors With Vibrant Pops Of Colors For Hotels

The modern interior made in shiny design that can be applied in your room. The interior using shiny design is suitable to be used in the spacious room and also in the small room. The example of the room using this interior is Hotel Portago Urban. The interior design of this hotel room is designed by Ilmiodesign. This hotel is situated in Granada, Spain. The using of the shiny design of the interior is used in any rooms.

There are many colors used in this shiny interior design at this hotel. The colors used are made in bright color. There are white color and blue color used in this room. The white color is used as the decoration of the wall and ceiling.

This color makes the room look bright. Meanwhile, the color of the floor is using blue color. The blue color used in this room is suitable with the white wall and white ceiling. Combination between those colors is improving the beautiful of the room.

The shiny of the interior is not used for the floor, wall and ceiling. The shiny design is also used at the furniture. There is much shiny furniture used in this hotel room. There are sets of table and chair made using beige color that is put on the restaurant hotel. At this room restaurant, there are also lampshades made in shiny.

The colors of the lampshades are purple, red, and pink. The size of the lampshades used in this restaurant hotel is made in big size. Beside it, there is also a jar used as the interior design in this room. The function of a jar is used as a plant pot. The color of a jar is combination between blue and white.

Decorating the room using shiny design is not only to make the room look beautiful. This is also used to make the visitor become interest with this hotel. The shiny wallpaper interior design is also used in this hotel.

Pretty Color Of Bedroom Design With Hat Pendant Lamps In Hotel Portago Urban That Magenta Floor Giving Nice The Decor

Nice Bookcase Design In White Color In Hotel Portago Urban And The Books Area Showing Nice Color Of Cover

Neat Bedroom Area With Mirror And White Chair Feat Table Beside The Lamps At The Hotel Portago Urban Decor

Lovely Color In Bedroom Design Between Magenta And White In Hotel Portago Urban That Wine Add Nice In The Area

Large Bedroom Area In Hotel Portago Urban Showing White Chair And Table Which Feat Lamps Decor

Outstanding Pendant Lamps In Black Color And Wooden Table Feat Black Chairs At The Hotel Portago Urban

Interesting Bookcase Design Ideas With Pendant Lamps In Hat Pattern At The Hotel Portago Urban Decor

Interesting Kitchen Area With Gold Of Lights In Hotel Portago Urban That Giving Bright The Area

Fascinating Mini Bar In Hotel Portago Urban Used Cream And Blue Color Add Modern In Design Of Contemporary Building

Great Hotel Portago Urban With Black And White Color And Used Duplex Decorated And Inspiring Our Decor

Gravy Mini Bar Decorated With Glossy Wall Decoration In Hotel Portago Urban And Nice Floor In Blue Color

Cool View By Dining Table And Corridor Area In Hotel Portago Urban Showing Nice Floor And Wooden Table Decor

Cool Bedroom Design With Black Storage Feat Telephone In Green Color At The Hotel Portago Urban

Complete Dinning Table Design With Wooden Table Under Pendant Lamps In Hotel Portago Urban And Glass Wall Finished Decor

Colorful Dining Table Design With Magenta Red And Purple Of Pendant Lamps In The Hotel Portago Urban

Awesome View By Bedroom Design In White Color And Green Floor Add Nice Of Hotel Portago Urban Decoration


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