Breathtaking Modern Villa With Beautiful Patio And Wonderful Swimming Pool

Wonderful Panoramic View Near The Vacation Home Transformed Balcony With The Glass Balustrade And Grey Sofas

Breathtaking Modern Villa With Beautiful Patio And Wonderful Swimming Pool

Becoming the best moments ever when we can get chance to gather together with family in beautiful modern villa. When the time of you to get the day off? If you have the great time, let gives some moments for your family to enjoy the day together in the great villa.

Well, we are going to recommended you to find the beautiful villa in Promos. The Zephyrus Villa, which shows stunning view around, are rally a comfort place for your vacation design. This villa is designed for vacation home, which is needed for the traveler to get some nights here.

This villa is designed by Koutsoftides Architect, which combines the natural beauty with the modern concept. The owner can enjoy the nature elements and modern concept in this villa. This modern villa designs is designed in two areas which is separated each other. Beautiful patio and wonderful swimming pool are placed in the middle which separates the villa volumes.

The beautiful architectural building of this villa was constructed from the nature stone. It looks so different ant wonderful with the strong impression. Moreover, for the first level, this villa is designed in beautiful glass wall and concrete wall, it looks so modern and interesting for the architectural.

The open living plan inside of this villa are really interesting which gives the atmosphere of the opened living space for the owner. In other hand, beautiful ceiling light, which is placed dazzling on ceiling, looks so perfect gives the beautiful reflection for the rooms.

Coming inside of the room, we can find beautiful room with the modern interior design. This room looks so perfect with the fabulous layout and design. Modern furniture set are chosen to get the best living space here. We can get the best service also with the beautiful master bedroom.

Wide Vacation Home Transformed Architecture With Wooden Shutters And White Wall Near The Lust Green Trees

Stunning Sitting Space In The Vacation Home Transformed With White Pergola And Wooden Shutters Near Blue Pool

Sensational Dining Room And Kitchen In The Vacation Home Transformed Upper Space With White Ceiling And Floor

Natural Stone Wall And Wide Garage Door In The Vacation Home Transformed Exterior With Wide Glass Walls

Long Blue Pool Near The Vacation Home Transformed Patio With White Pergola And The White Floor

Interesting Purple Light In The Vacation Home Transformed Exterior With Long Blue Pool And White Ceiling

Fascinating Patio Of The Vacation Home Transformed With Dark Chairs And White Side Table Near Blue Pool

Fabulous Grey Sofas And Grey Floor In The Vacation Home Transformed Balcony With The Glass Balustrade

Cozy Kitchen In The Vacation Home Transformed With Long Island And White Cabinets Near Glass Walls

Bright Lighting In The Vacation Home Transformed Kitchen With Long Island And White Stools Near Glass Walls

Awesome View Of The Vacation Home Transformed Blue Pool Near The White Pergola And Wide Glass Walls

Attractive Architecture Of The Vacation Home Transformed With A Long Balcony And The Wide Glass Walls

Appealing Bedroom In The Vacation Home Transformed With White Bed And Red Quilt Under The White Propeller

It looks so interesting to be your wonderful villa, which gives the beautiful landscape for the natural painting in the room. Moreover, modern kitchen room with its modern kitchen set is also prepared for preparing your romantic dinner in this beautiful villa. Have a good modern villa designs plan for your day.

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