Bewitching Modern Farmhouse With White Color And Rustic Appearance

Unusual Metal Tub In The Floating Farmhouse Bathroom With Glossy Faucet And White Wall On Hardwood Floor

Bewitching Modern Farmhouse With White Color And Rustic Appearance

Floating Farmhouse that is designed by applying beautiful modern farmhouse is merely the most incredible house design. Built at the edge of small lake, the house is really looked floating at the lake. In addition, the house is made from wooden material so that it is looked so authentic. With floating design of the house, the furniture of the farmhouse is indeed looked so classy.

Actually, when Givonehome designs this house, he only wants to design farmhouse in modern style. However, since the location of the farmhouse is near small like, he decided to build the farmhouse as if it is floating. The wooden material is indeed the main material that is used as main material for wall veneer.

However, the interior of the farmhouse is painted in white color since concrete material is the main material. Whether the farmhouse is designed along with modern farmhouse furniture, the ceiling design and other decoration of the farmhouse is looked so rustic.

The hanging lamps however are looked so classy because it embosses classy appearance of the house. By installing the hanging lamps that are covered by glass shade, the interior of the house is totally enchanting. The brown color that emerges from natural stone is really looked so authentic completing the authentic furniture.

Indeed, by applying authentic furniture as main decoration for the farmhouse, the decoration of farmhouse is really looked so enchanting. Whether the floor plan is made from concrete material that is not pounded, the authentic furniture is merely looked more authentic.

For some authentic furnishings of the farmhouse, white color is being used as main color for it. The combination of white color and rustic appearance of the wooden decoration is really suitable for the farmhouse. Briefly, as main design for farmhouse, modern farmhouse plans is the perfect design compared to other designs.

Traditional Kitchen And Dining Room In Floating Farmhouse With White Island And Long Wooden Dining Table

Rustic Fireplace Near The Floating Farmhouse Kitchen With White Island And White Drawers On Concrete Floor

Fascinating Architecture Of The Floating Farmhouse With Long Wooden Terrace And Wide Glass Walls Near The Water

Colorful Chairs In The Floating Farmhouse Dining Room With Long Wooden Table And Long Wooden Bench

Classic Sink On The White Wall Inside Floating Farmhouse With Unique Mirror And The Glossy Faucet

Brilliant Floors Design Plan For The Floating Farmhouse With Guest Room And Master Bathroom Near The Master Bedroom

Bright Lighting Inside The Floating Farmhouse With Long Dining Room Seen From The Wide Glass Walls

Awesome White Bed And White Quilt In The Floating Farmhouse Bedroom With Wide Fireplace On Wooden Floor

Attractive White Door In The Floating Farmhouse With White Wall And Wooden Dresser On Hardwood Floor

Image By : Givonehome

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