Dramatic Modern Home With Elegant And Beautiful Exteriors

Warm And Inviting Lounge Corner Located Inside Tight Blocked Entry Of Jones House Furnished With Big Green Throw Pillow And Pendant Lamp

Dramatic Modern Home With Elegant And Beautiful Exteriors

Jones House is a dramatic modern home was completed by Reinhardt Jung Architect and located in Oberselters, Germany. The contemporary family home looks beautiful with the use of concrete, steel and wood structure. All can be seen on the exterior and interior design are stunning with stylish decor of the natural dark color.

Before exploring the beautiful interior design of this house, let’s look at the exterior design first. Display the exterior design of this house looks beautiful, modern architectural style combining classic and traditional accents.

This modern house looks nice with their modern outdoor stairs with a glass cover that is in the back of the house. Additionally, you can also find modern back porch and balcony on the second layer that can be used to relax with your family and your partner.

The most modern views that make this modern home design looks beautiful. Like what you see through the photos, there is a glass panel with a superb display that helps homeowners to be able to see the sights around this house.

If you want to know more detail about the exterior design of this modern home, then you should look at the facade. Building modern two-story house looks elegant with white wall paint and square glass window in it.

This beautiful home design also has a family room with modern decor style that looks good by using large-slope tile floor in a dark gray color. Additionally, you can find the dining room becomes part of the kitchen space with amazing decor. The floor in the dining room furnished with using reclaimed wood floors, making it look so elegant.

Unique Beautiful Jones Home Courtyard Constructed With Piles Of Rock Covered By Mesh Wires And Illuminated By Glassy Lighting

Stylish Jones House Dining Room Interior Design With Long Rectangular Table In Ivory Coupled With Wooden Chairs For Six

Stylish Beautiful Jones House Living Room Interior Designs With Full Of Gray Wooden Planks Covering The Wall And Ceiling

Stylish And Open Jones Home Modern Staircase Design With Glass Fence To Display Outside View Inside The House

Spacious Beautiful Jones House Office Interior Design Ideas With Floor To Ceiling Glass Windows And Traditional Wooden Wall And Ceiling Setting

Minimalist Beautiful Jones House Facade Exterior Design View Painted In White Featured With Large Carport And Steps To Access Main Entrance Door

Luxurious Beautiful Jones House Entrance Area With Floor To Ceiling Glass Doors With Steps To Access The House Interior

Luxurious Beautiful Jones Home Interior Ideas With Versatile Wooden Steps That Functions As Open Bookshelves And Storage Idea

Luxurious And Clean Jones House Interior Setting With Minimalist Staircase Room Divider And Spacious Room For Dining Room Area

Incredible Jones Residence Exterior Design Built In Irregular Shaped Of Architecture With Large Green Lawn And Leaf Tree For Refreshing Look

Glorious Dark Jones Residence Lounge Area Furniture With A Single Wooden Chair And Warm Modern Fireplace Under Wide TV In Beautiful Interior Designs

Comfortable Traditional Jones House Living Room Interior Featured With Vintage Floor Lamp As Illumination

Chic And Funny Animal Decal In Beautiful Home Design With Pattern Decorating Old Fashioned Wall Of Jones Home Staircase Area To Keep It Stylish

In the cozy living room there is a modern green chair that provides comfort in the corner. Modern home office with wood siding walls, equipped with the hanging pendant lights on the ceiling of the room. There is a multi functional leveling ladder that has a function as a bookcase and storage. It can also help to more efficient use of space in the house.

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