Beautiful And Contemporary Spanish Villa With Open Living Room

Wonderful Panoramic View Near The Villa By The Sea Terrace With Wooden Table Near Long Pool

Beautiful And Contemporary Spanish Villa With Open Living Room

In Ibiza island lies a contemporary Spanish Villa by the Sea which is offered for sale. By paying $ 3,710,000 you can purchase and own this seaside villa for you and your family. We are not going to discuss about the marketing of this beautiful villa. We are going to discuss about the design that the house designer of this villa has applied towards the whole part of this villa exterior and interior design.

The front yard of this contemporary Spanish villa design is very pretty. A long square pool in the middle of green grass park will be a nice spot for refreshing yourself by swimming there.

Two waterproof grey puffs with an unvarnished coffee table are placed on the side of the swimming pool on the green grass in front of this white villa. This spot is for taking seat or relaxing yourself after swimming. By sitting on the grey puffs, we can enjoy the natural environment with amazing scenery of the mountain and blue sky above. What an expensive scenery they are.

After appreciate the front yard of this pretty villa, we can go to the front porch of this adorable villa to find a beautiful opened living room on the front porch which is fully furnished with lovely furniture there. A set of sectional rattan sofas and a rattan coffee table with cushions covered with dark blue pillow covers and foam seats on the sofas. This is a beautiful spot on front porch that people can use as a good place for relaxing themselves, reading books or magazines, having tea or snacks, etc.

From the front porch, we are going to go inside the amazing villa by passing through the sliding glass doors next to the opened front porch living room for finding the next opened living room. Grayish and broken white sofa sets lie in this living room.

Wide Wall Art On White Wall Inside Villa By The Sea With White Desk And Grey Concrete Floor

Traditional Green Space Near The Villa By The Sea With Green Plantations And Wide Pebble Space

Modern Bathroom In Villa By The Sea With White Tub And Long Wooden Vanity Under Long Mirror

Minimalist Villa By The Sea Bedroom With White Bed And White Mattress Near The Wide Grey Painting

Interesting Stools In The Villa By The Sea Sitting Space With Brown Rug And Grey Sectional Sofa

Innovative Villa By The Sea Terrace Space With Rattan Sofas And Rattan Tables Near The Open Dining Space

Gorgeous Blue Pool And Green Grass Yard In The Villa By The Sea Back Space With Long Terrace

Fascinating Back Space Of The Villa By The Sea With Long Blue Pool And Green Grass Space

Fantastic Panoramic View Near The Villa By The Sea Back Space With Green Grass Space And Long Pool

Fabulous Villa By The Sea Back Space With Wooden Table And Grey Seats Facing Long Pool

Comfortable Sitting Space In Villa By The Sea With White Sofa And Grey Sectional Sofa Near Wooden Table

Colorful Throw Pillows On The White Sectional Sofa In Villa By The Sea TV Room On Grey Floor

Bright Lighting In The Villa By The Sea Long Blue Pool Near The Wide Terrace And Grass Yard

Awesome Corner In The Villa By The Sea With Brown Chaise And Open Fireplace Near Animal Skin Rug

Attractive Interior Of The Villa By The Sea With Long Sofas And Long Wooden Dining Table

A wooden coffee table with wheels is placed between them on the cream furry rug. Some puffs covered with animal skin are placed there too as decorating furniture. The living room design representatives the modern Spanish villa design applied to this stunning villa.

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