Beautiful Contemporary Home With Outdoor Dining Room And Semi-Open Terrace

Wonderful Rattan Chairs With Modern Padded Coffee Table Installed In Contemporary Bedroom On Wood Floor Of Peaks View House

Beautiful Contemporary Home With Outdoor Dining Room And Semi-Open Terrace

A beautiful contemporary home will always be everyone’s dream house, maybe including you. This time you are inviting to see a beautifully decorated rooms of Peaks View Residence project that was designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects. The homeowner really wanted a peaceful home with distinctive appearance. The main problem of the neighborhood in this area of Wilson, Wyoming, is the strict regulations. The designer might be one of the best architects that can make a beautiful building just like this home.

Before you step inside to see the elegant interior design of the house, you should see the view around the house. This home was built in contemporary house style and the view bonus of natural and peaceful neighborhood. You will love the contemporary semi-open terrace with modern flat canopy. When you sit on the chair at the terrace, then you will see precious mountains view and green valley. You will find the side terrace with outdoor dining area and a set of contemporary wooden furniture.

The wooden sills in dark brown color are good for this home interior. You will love to see contemporary sills design for this house. Now, let us see the living room that has traditional built-in fireplace with folding glass covers. The firewood rack is located right under the fireplace window. The dining area is situated behind the living room. There is a set of wooden dining table and chairs. There are two modern pendant lamps with black lampshades hanging on the ceiling.

The kitchen is located after the dining room, but you will find long wooden bar before you see the kitchen. It has timber kitchen set domination for the kitchen area. The whole room in this house is using timber siding ceiling and smooth light wooden floors. You have to explore more rooms in this stunning house. If you want to know about beautiful contemporary home definition in the middle of balance neighborhood, then you already know it.

Terrific Silver Ride On Wooden Frame Of Peaks View Residence Installed With Ceiling Lamp Coupled With Wood Striped Ceiling

Stunning Centerpiece On Wooden Dining Table Completed With Gray Dining Chairs On Gray Tiled Floor Of Peaks View Residence

Spacious Space Inside Peaks View Residence Installed With Wooden Glass Windows And Doors Completed With Small Modular Pendant

Simple Wooden Black Tufted Lounge With Foot Rest Installed Near Wood Glass Sliding Doors On Wood Floor Of Peaks View House

Prestigious Kitchen Cabinets Coupled With Kitchen Island Involved Stove And Faucet Inside Peaks View House Installed On Wood Floor

Mesmerizing Peaks View With Natural Scene By Grass On Turfs Outside House Beautified With Cool Atmosphere At Blue Skies

Marvelous Wooden Accents On Modern Kitchen Using Glossy Kitchen Island With Stools On Wood Floor Of Peaks View House

Incredible Twin Striped Wooden Lounge Installed In Terrace Of Peaks View Residence On Gray Tiled Floor Outside Peaks View House

Impressive Wooden Rails On Light Cream Staircase Installed In Peaks View House Completed With Ceiling Lamp And Wood Glass Windows

Glossy Modular Pendant Light Above Wood Glossy Dining Table And Wood Striped Chairs On Wood Floor Installed In Peaks View House

Glorious Wooden Accents In Walk In Closet Design Idea Installed In Peaks View House With Wooden Cabinets And Long Chairs On Rug

Fascinating Interior Layout Installed In Peaks View Residence Displaying Living And Dining Room Installed On Wooden Floor

Fabulous Traditional Terrace With Wooden Lounge On Gray Tiled Floor Installed In Peaks View Residence Completed Turfs Outside

Captivating White Bathroom With Wooden Vanity Completed Twin Basins And Faucet Involved Mirror On Wall Of Peaks View House

Appealing Dark Gray Staircase With Steel Rails On It Installed In Peaks View House With Wooden Striped Wall Involved Wood Glass Windows

Amusing Wooden Striped Ceiling With Small Glass Windows Of Peaks View Residence Above Traditional Terrace With Double Lounge

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