Creative And Awesome Japanese Home With Modern Living Room Style

Stylish Wood Barstool Splendid Ornamental Plants Sliding Glass Door Wood Floor Nice Ornamental Plants Comfortable Bed Sofa

Creative And Awesome Japanese Home With Modern Living Room Style

This creative Japanese home has awesome modern style. This residence is suitable for you who love the natural freshness in your house. This residence has indoor mini garden that creates unique concept for living place. Are you curious enough about this design? Read this article for complete reviews about this house.

This Japanese home plans has small size with outstanding design appearance. It is combined with wooden and glass material. Before entering the house, you can find mini garden with big tree which is set in front of the main entrance. This mini garden also has garden lamps that create awesome view at night.

The main entrance has glass door with bright wooden frame. Entering the main door you can find glass corridor with wooden floor. The glass ceiling is also set along the corridor. It makes you can see the trees in the outside of the house. In the corner of the room is added a pot of high tree. Voila! It makes your house has mini indoor garden.

The glass wall along the corridor is also has a function as sliding door. It connects to the other room. Look how unique yet creative this design! The elegant living room is available on the right side of the glass corridor. It has purple sofa bed which is situated against the LCD TV which is stick on the black wall. In the corner of the room is available brown leather chair that looks stylish for your interior architecture.

In the left side of the glass corridor you can discover kitchen area and dining space. The dining space has wooden table which is surrounded with wooden chairs. This dining space is adhering to the white wall. Next to it you can discover wooden kitchen space. The entire kitchen area has wooden material. It has wooden kitchen cabinet with wooden wall storage. Isn’t it looks comfy for your cooking time? Let’s bring these modern Japanese home plans for your future house!

Splendid House In Uenoshiba Round Wood Table And Leather Armchair Wood Floor Modern Bed Sofa Small Mezzanine

Sparkling Outdoor Lights At Precious Garden Landscape Long Concrete Path Glass Door Trendy House In Uenoshiba

Sophisticated Wall Mounted TV Stylish Bed Sofa Leather Armchair Rustic Wood Bar Stool Sliding Glass Door House In Uenoshiba

Shady Ornamental Plants At Triangular Dark Planter Cool Glass Roof Small Glass Window Flat Roof On House In Uenoshiba

Rustic Wood Dining Set In House In Uenoshiba Bright Kitchen Backsplash Light Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet Stainless Steel Sink

Precious Garden Landscape With Outdoor Lights At Modern House In Uenoshiba Glass Door Long Concrete Driveway

Inspiring Geometric Architectural House In Uenoshiba Design Plan Including Tropical Garden Landscape And Parking Area Sketch

Fascinating House In Uenoshiba Blueprint With Innovative Contemporary Asymmetric Design Detail Location Of Several Modern Architectural Houses

Excellent House In Uenoshiba Sliding Glass Door Ornamental Plant Cushy Bed Sofa Nice Wall Lights Round Wood Table And Leather Armchair

Eclectic House In Uenoshiba Interior With Bright Ceiling Lights Leafy Ornamental Plants Wood Roof Truss Glass Wall

Cozy Modern Sofa With Wood Floor Small Mezzanine With Modular Bookcase Charming House In Uenoshiba Sliding Glass Door

Beautiful Ornamental Plant In White Pot Warm Wood Floor Sliding Glass Door Wood Bar Stool Tough Dark Concrete Wall

Awesome House In Uenoshiba In Geometric Architecture Transparent Glass Window Long Concrete Driveway Metallic Fence Beige Outdoor Wall

Asymmetric Modern Architectural House In Uenoshiba With Rustic Wood Wall Panel Arched Glass Window Concrete Wall

Appealing Second Floor Design Plan Of House In Uenoshiba Sketch Showing Master Bedroom And Kids Bedroom Blueprint

Amazing House In Uenoshiba With Transparent Glass Window Ornamental Plants On Garden Dark Stone Wall Small Cantilever

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