Amazing Open Home Designs Made Of Glass Material Structure

Wonderful Landscape Garden Outside The Ladera Residence By Barton With Gravels Walkway And Big Stone

Amazing Open Home Designs Made Of Glass Material Structure

The glass home designs with open floor plans is become popular because the using of this concept makes the house looks luxurious. One of the houses using this concept is Ladera Residence. The architect of this residence is Californian architect firm Barton Myers associates. This two story residence was built using contemporary interior design. This residence is divided into the two areas. There are some plants which are planted in the garden and also beside the path.

The open house concepts designs which are applied in this house can be seen from the material house. The walls are made of the glass material. The design of the walls is various. There are square glasses in long shape used as the walls.

There are also small square glasses with frame used as the wall and windows. The spacious garden decoration is available in this house. There are grasses and tress planted in the garden. There is some furniture used in the terrace. There is a chair with pillows put in the terrace.

At the fourth picture, you can see the detail of the garden. There are stairs in the garden made of stones. It is used as the path. There are grasses in the left and right side the stairs. The fences are made of wooden material and stones in grey and brown color.

At the fifth picture, we can see that the ceilings are made of aluminum. The color of the ceilings is grey and black color. There are also some lamps which are put on the ceilings. At the kitchen, we can see that there is white kitchen bar and three bar chairs. There is also cabinet in the kitchen. There is also a round red table set.

At the night, the house looks more luxurious. The using of many lamps inside the house is making the house looks beautiful. The garden is also looks beautiful at night. There are also lamps put in the garden. The open home design ideas is luxurious with modern furniture.

Stunning Ladera Residence By Barton Exterior With Traditional Landscape Garden Displayed Mulch And Leafy Tree

Modern Garden At Outside The Ladera Residence By Barton With Concrete Walkway And Gravels Surround It

Fascinating Landscape Outside The Ladera Residence By Barton With Garden And Terrace Lightened By Outdoor Lamps

Exciting Open Living Space Design To Terrace At Ladera Residence By Barton With Glass Door View At Night

Contemporary Design Of Ladera Residence By Barton Exterior With Green Lawn And Concrete Walkway Ideas

Bright Living Room Lighting Inside The Ladera Residence By Barton By The Sun That Decorated With One Grand Piano

Beautiful Landscape Garden With Gravels And Green Lawn Outside The Ladera Residence By Barton With Terrace

Awesome Ladera Residence By Barton Design Exterior With Raised Entry Also Rooftop Terrace View By Quite Night

Amazing Landscape Garden Outside The Ladera Residence By Barton With Leafy Trees And Mulch Also The Stones

Image By : Barton Myers Associates

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