Amazing Modern Villa With A Beautiful Panoramic View In Indonesia

Spacious Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Private Family Room Suite Involving Double Bunk Beds And Seating Space

Amazing Modern Villa With A Beautiful Panoramic View In Indonesia

Have you ever visited a amazing modern villa in Indonesia before? How does it look like? Well, you should visit this one, the Malimbu Cliff Villa in Lombok Island, Indonesia. This one is a luxurious villa with its private beach provided by the management. Gorgeous! This villa provides a beautiful infinity pool and 5 bedrooms to support the visitors’ comfort. Moreover, its opened concept will help you to enjoy the natural scenery even more. Let’s check this out!

An infinity swimming pool is provided in a spacious area, with rectangular shape. It is extended from side to side of the backyard. It towards the green valley and blue ocean together. Lots of coconut trees support the natural beauty of this place. Some lazy seats are provided for you on the wooden deck next to the pool to complete your coziness. What’s more about the modern villa designs?

Take a look at the modern living room for your family. Spacious sofa with comfortable cushions are here, stand on the white flooring. Under the wooden coffee table, lies a white dust rug within its beauty. On the white ceiling, you can see many built-in lamps are been installed to help the enlighten system. White walls here also give wider and cleaner impressions to the room.

Next to the living room is the dining room. The dining room has a generous wooden dining table with 10 white chairs available next to it. Two modern pendants hang above the table to complete the furnishing.

While having your meals, you can enjoy green scenery of the nature outside, because this villa has an opened concept installation. Simple kitchen here also support your daily lives while spending your holidays here. Getting more curious? Get the information more by looking at the pictures. Enjoy the modern villa design photos for pleasure!

Shady Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Outdoor Chatting Room With Double Height Cover Like Gazebo Involving Lamp

Relaxing Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Bathroom Bathtub Completed With Flower Petals Overlooking Blue Sea View

Open Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Interior Designed With Folding Glass Doors Installed As Transition Of Interior And Exterior

Modern Narrowed Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia In Ground Swimming Pool Constructed As Main Feature With Cool Scenery

Minimalist Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Master Bathroom Interior Idea Featured With Oval Tub And Double Vanities

Luxurious Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Outdoor Seating And Dining Space Furnished With Glass Table And Rattan Chairs

Large Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Bedroom Suite For Honeymoon Couple With Queen Bed Decorated With Green Splash

Incredible Mount And Hill View Seen Clearly From Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Interior And Exterior Area As Memorable View

Fresh Beach Sensation Felt Thickly Around Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Swimming Pool And Outdoor Dining Space

Fabulous Sunset View Seen From Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Infinity Swimming Pool Reflecting Numbers Of Trees

Exotic Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Infinity Inground Swimming Pool And Palm Trees Overlooking Blue Sea And Skyline

Elegant Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Swimming Pool Area Beautified By Open Bedroom Suite And Potted Plantation

Cozy Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Bedroom Suite For Children Furnished With Double Twin Beds And Private Lounge

Comfortable Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Indoor Living Room And Dining Space Separated With No Divider Except Furniture

Clean Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Open Galley Kitchen Connected With Private Dining Room With Unique Pendants

Bright Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Semi Outdoor Seating Space With Potted Greenery And Modern Rattan Chairs

Beautiful Blue Sea And Green Cliff View Enjoyed From Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Swimming Pool Area With Deck

Awesome White Painted Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Master Bedroom Suite For Couple Enhanced With Wood Touch

Adorable Blue Sea View Enjoyed Right In Front Of Malimbu Cliff Villa Indonesia Master Queen Bed With Patterned Pillows

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